CyberPark is a leading provider of telecommunications hardware, software and Wi-Fi services based in Auckland. We utilise the equity in a customer’s current telecommunications call spend to off set the cost of new office equipment.

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Cyberpark is a reseller of telecommunications airtime, buying wholesale and passing on the savings to our customers in the form of call credits.

Cyberpark manages the billing of our customers fixed line call usage, services and equipment with a comprehensive user friendly phone bill which includes call credits with agreed and applicable call usage* *Applicable call usage includes landline calls only to – local, mobile, national and international calls.



The system simply grow with your business. Expend your business can never be easier.



Customize your system with optional cards. Build your very own system based on your needs.


Front Desk Operation

Our build-in digital attendant console make your job nothing but pressing a button.


Guest Service

Your customer can get the service delivered by a push of a button.

Key Benefits:

  • Obtain 'Leading Edge' business equipment using call credits on your phone bill to minimise costs to your business.
  • No Capital Outlay necessary as we structure payment terms to suit the customer over 24-60 month periods.
  • ​No cash deposit required. Why buy when you can rent a business asset that is fast depreciating?
  • Renting equipment means continued cash flow to the business.
  • Full Installation, Programming and Training.
  • Maintenance, support and Technical Help Desk.
  • Option to return, buy or up-grade at the end of the term.